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Musician. Bass player. Composer. Educator

"Mike was really present at McGill around the time of this recording. He and I were

playing a lot with various people, and we had played a few of my tunes. He’s an

intense and intelligent individual, gifted with a strong time feel and abundant

imagination when he improvises, and I knew his youthful energy would help the

elders on the session. I also knew that he and Dan would sound great together,

knowing Dan’s affection for strong time and tasteful accompaniment.

(in reference to recording the 2016 album "Esprit De Corps")

Andre White  - Professor of Jazz at McGill University

"It is highly gratifying to see one of your most gifted students become an important part of your own musical life, as colleague and bandmate. This is what has happened with Mike De Masi during the last two years. He is now one of the most in-demand bass players in Montreal, and someone I love playing with. We are currently collaborating in several projects, and each time we play together, I admire his strength, his flawless sense of time, the clarity and beauty of his tone, his ideas, his creativity, and his honest, uncompromising attitude, always at the exclusive service of the music. He is a wonderful artist and human being, and I look forward to many more years of music making together."

Jean-Michel Pilc - Professor  of Jazz at McGill University

"Mike De Masi has a beautiful sound, great time and chooses his notes thoughtfully." 

Sam Kirmayer - Montreal Jazz Guitarist


"As the singer and drummer, my rapport with 'the bass player' has to have a respect, and Mike has that in spades. Discussing parts and feels with him is a pleasure because he shows such consideration to me, the project, and his bandmates. He is curious and is not held back from asking questions for clarity, which is huge, in my experience, that willingness to appear vulnerable.

His great kindness and humour add to his musical value in that he is a joy to work with, leaving his immense talent to be a quiet and confident one, in the service of the music."

Susie Arioli -  Renowned Jazz Singer

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